Practice Areas

Administrative and Regulatory Law

Many business activities in Costa Rica are subject to Administrative Law provisions and different types of government measures including permits, supervision, inspection and administrative penalties. We offer our expert advice on these topics, particularly in the following areas:

International Trade and Free Zones
International Trade and Free Zones
  • Interpretation and application of WTO agreements and other trade agreements signed by Costa Rica, particularly in the areas of services, investment and dispute settlement.
  • Interpretation and application of free zone laws and regulations.
Antitrust and Competition
Antitrust and Competition
  • Interpretation and application of antitrust and competition laws.
  • Advice on competition best practices.
  • Merger notification proceedings.
Personal Data Protection
Personal Data Protection
  • Interpretation and application of personal data protection laws and regulations.
  • Registration of personal databases, when applicable.
Banking and Finance
Banking and Finance
  • Expert advice on the interpretation and application of laws and regulations governing the financial sector in Costa Rica.
  • Petitions and proceedings before regulatory authorities.
  • Advice on structuring credit agreements and other financial transactions.
  • Loan collections.
  • Notarial services.
Construction and Real Estate Law
Construction and Real Estate Law
  • Purchase and sale of real property, mortgages, trusts and other real estate transactions.
  • Creation of residential and commercial condominiums and advice on condominium laws and regulations.
  • Construction contracts in both the public and the private sector, FIDIC contracts, contract claims.
  • Notarial services in connection with real estate transactions.
Corporate Law
Corporate Law
  • Incorporation of companies and advice on Corporate Law.
  • Advice on mergers and acquisitions, due diligence.
  • Advice on matters of corporate governance and compliance.
  • Advice on the drafting, negotiation and interpretation of business contracts.
Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Advice and representation in administrative proceedings before regulatory authorities.
  • Advice and representation in arbitral proceedings relating to our areas of expertise, including commercial and investment arbitration.
  • Advice and representation in civil, commercial and administrative litigation.
  • Mediation, conciliation, dispute boards.
Other Practice Areas

We also offer advice pertaining to other areas of the law including:

Employment Law
Employment Law
  • Advice on the drafting and negotiation of employment contracts.
  • Advice on the drafting and registration of internal employment regulations.
  • Advice on employment termination and assessment of termination indemnifications.
Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property
  • Registration of trademarks, patents, copyright and other intellectual property rights.
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights.
  • Unfair competition cases.
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